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About me.



Welcome! I am a fifth year Ph.D. student advised by Dr. Dorsey Wanless and Dr. Brittany Brand at Boise State University. I started my geoscience career earning my BS in Geophysics and Mathematics from the University of Arizona where I explored a variety of discplines from geochronology to structural geology but found my passion for volcano science during my space grant internship with Dr. Christopher Hamilton where I investigated the relationship between volcanic rootless cones and yardangs on Mars. I narrowed down my volcanological interests during my MS in Geology at Oregon State University working with Dr. Shan de Silva investigating the origin of enclaves and constraining the plumbing system of the May 2016 Sinabung eruption.  

I am broadly interested in mantle heterogeniety and the diversification of magmas, and my primary research is in how magmas evolve from generation in the mantle, to storage within the crust, and finally, eruption at the Earth’s surface at arc volcanoes. I have experience in both whole-rock and insitu geochemical techniques, using the results to fingerprint mantle wedge processes as well as evaluating transport and storage through the transcrustal magma system. Currently, I am working on research exploring the entire transcrustal magma system, from melt generation to eruption initiation, to gain insight into the conditions that lead to explosive eruption of large volumes of mafic magma. So far I have worked in varying capacities with EPMA analysis, geothermobarometry, solution ICPMS, LA-ICPMS, H2O-CO2 in melt inclusions, and Sr, Nd, Pb isotope systems.

Science Interviews & Spotlights

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