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It's been a while

Every time I open up this blog to write, I get really sad because I have yet to find a way to stay on top of it. However, I am hoping things will be different this time. I have finally reached the point in my program where I no longer have to take any classes. Now, I will be focusing on teaching, writing up my research for peer-review, and continuing to work in the lab.

So, here is a summary of fall term…

Following a series of horrible TA assignments, our coordinator now asks me for my teaching preferences. So, this fall I was back teaching Geology 101: Introduction to Solid Earth. Being the lead TA meant that I had slightly less interaction with students in the classroom and responded to way more emails.

In October, I presented more of my research at the Geological Society of America’s annual meeting. I presented a poster which gave me the opportunity to discuss my work in depth and interact with those who wanted to learn more. The poster was incredibly beneficial because it provided me with feedback that I could think about while writing up my data. My next presentation will hopefully be a talk on a paper that will hopefully be “in review” at the time of the presentation.

I took a few classes that were pertinent to my dissertation. If you don’t already do this, exploit your term papers and final presentations for your own personal gain. Find a topic that you have been pushing off researching or one you just came across and want to learn more about. Trust me it’ll be so helpful!

Fall 2017 was far less hectic than Fall 2016. Maybe I had less work? Maybe I am getting the hand of this life called graduate school? Who knows! I do know that I cannot get complacent. I need to keep pushing. Keep challenging my mind. On that note, my Fitbit is vibrating, apparently, I am about to miss my step goal for this hour! Doesn’t it know that I spend 70% of my day sitting at a desk??

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