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Phase chemistry of multiple mineral phases

As a part of my MS research, I used electron microprobe to measure the variability of major and trace elements in multiple mineral phases found in the dome lavas from a May 2016 dome collapse at Mount Sinabung, Sumatra, Indonesia that killed 22 people. To collect data, very thin slices of the lava samples (a few hundred microns thick) are created and polished. The surfaces are then carbon coated. The electron beam interacts with the minerals and elemental compositions are measured. Once the data is processed, you are left with the concentrations of targeted elements in your minerals. I generated frequency plots and element


Bowers et al. (2017) - GSA Proceedings

variation plots for each of the mineral phases measured. These variations can show us patterns in the system. The chemical compositions of the minerals can tell us about the conditions the minerals crystallized under. The conditions can help us understand what is going on in the magma reservoir prior to eruption. Preliminary work was presented at 2017 GSA meeting in Portland. Final results are currently in prep for publication submission.

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